Питър Гилкуист, Санта Барбара, Калифорния, САЩ: Завръщане у дома – Защо протестантските пастори стават православни? ╰⊰¸¸.•¨* Bulgarian




Завръщане у дома

Защо протестантските пастори стават православни?

Под редакцията на о. Питър Гилкуист

Санта Барбара, Калифорния, САЩ

Питър Гилкуист, Санта Барбара, Калифорния, САЩ: Завръщане у дома – Защо протестантските пастори стават православни? – Bulgarian


“Царството небесно прилича още на търговец, който търси хубави бисери, и като намери един скъпоценен бисер, отиде та продаде всичко, що имаше, и го купи”. (Мат. 13:45-46)

Защо протестантските пастори стават православни

Идеята за тази книга се роди на едно от събранията на редакторите на сп. ‘ОТНОВО’- тримесечното издание на Антиохийската Евангелска Православна Мисия. Главният редактор о.Уелдън Хардънбрук, зам. редакторът дякон Рей Зел, и аз нахвърляхме идеи за следващи броеве. Докато разговаряхме, разбрахме, че всички ние бяхме получили многобройни писма и телефонни обаждания от протестантски пастири, желаещи да научат нещо повече за Православието.

Дали това е растяща тенденция, питахме се ние, и ако да, какво се крие зад нея?

Специалният брой

Решихме да планираме специален брой на “ОТНОВО”, за който да поканим представителна група протестантски пастори, наскоро станали православни, да ни разкажат защо са дошли и да отговорят на въпроса Continue reading “Питър Гилкуист, Санта Барбара, Калифорния, САЩ: Завръщане у дома – Защо протестантските пастори стават православни? ╰⊰¸¸.•¨* Bulgarian”


On how former Krishnaite Ananda Rupa became Olga again – Peter Davydov spoke with Olga Gagushicheva





Peter Davydov, Olga Gagushicheva





One day the following notice appeared on the door of the Krishnaite Ananda Rupa’s astrology office: “The office is closed because of my return to Orthodoxy. I sincerely wish you the same. May Christ save you. Olga.” This talk is about how Olga Gagushicheva, who had been baptized yet was absolutely unenlightened, became a Krishna worshipper and practicing astrologer, why she returned to her paternal home and Christ, and what came of it.

* * *

The days are evil (Eph. 5:15), or an unorthodox “Orthodox life”

—Olga, Did you know anything about Christ before completely falling into the grip of astrology and other spiritual delusions?

—When I was one year old, my parents wanted to have me baptized. According to my mother, on the appointed day the weather was sunny and dry, so the family decided to go and gather berries instead of going to church. During that berry-picking hike I fell seriously ill and the illness lasted three years. I learned this from my mother when I was sixteen. I naturally drew a conclusion that I must go and receive Baptism. You see, I was empty-headed. Many of my relatives joined me. And that was the end of my “Christian living”. Though I also got the “knowledge” of the Church and God in the Soviet school. It was a real mishmash. Of course, I was a Komsomol member. We were warned that in no case should we, Komsomol members, attend any church services on Pascha. But we were curious to see what would happen during the church service, all the more so because we were told: “It is not allowed!” So we forced our way through all the police cordons and Komsomol activists who were wearing their bands. On the following day we were summoned to our director of studies who gave us a good dressing-down and promised to expel all of us from school. Of course, he didn’t keep his promise. I don’t remember how my Baptism took place as it was not a result of my conscious decision. I did it “for no particular reason”. Later, when I got married, it was fashionable to marry in Church, so we did it as well… Our wedding ceremony was arranged for us in a village church near the city of Cherepovets which was opened especially for us. And afterwards we baptized our children. That was all. You see, it was our unorthodox “Orthodox life”.

A big thank you to the press

—How did you develop an interest in astrology? How was it manifested? When did it happen?

—During my school years. I think it was 1985 or 1986.

—The time when the “gates to the West” opened wide…

—Or yawned open, to be more precise.

—And when all those individuals appeared on TV.

—Yes! Now general secretaries were replaced with sorcerers, psychics and other “enlightened” individuals who were goggling their eyes and moving their hands on TV. And not only TV. The most popular magazines, such as Continue reading “On how former Krishnaite Ananda Rupa became Olga again – Peter Davydov spoke with Olga Gagushicheva”

Ο κ. Εβραΐνωφ διηγείται την μεταστροφή τού πατέρα του από τόν Ιουδαϊσμό στην Ορθοδοξία



Ο κ. Εβραΐνωφ διηγείται την μεταστροφή τού πατέρα του

από τόν Ιουδαϊσμό στην Ορθοδοξία

Ὁ κ. Ἑβραΐνωφ διηγεῖται τήν μεταστροφή τοῦ πατέρα του ἀπ᾽ τόν Ἰουδαϊσμό στήν Ὀρθοδοξία:

​«Ὁ πατέρας μου ἦταν καθαρόαιμος Ἑβραῖος. Εἶχε γεννηθῆ στό ​Σκλόβ τῆς Λευκορωσίας καί ἔτρεφε μίσος γιά τούς Χριστιανούς. Ρατσιστής, ὄνομα καί πράμα. Ἀπό μικρό παιδί προετοιμαζόταν νά γίνη ραββίνος. Καί γι᾽ αὐτό σπούδαζε καί μελετοῦσε σκληρά νά μάθη καλά τά μυστικά τῆς Ἰουδαϊκῆς πίστεως. Ἀκόμη, ἔψαχνε καί ὅλες τίς παραδόσεις τῆς φυλῆς μας, γιά νά μάθη κάθε τί πού στρεφόταν ἐναντίον τῆς Χριστιανικῆς πίστεως.​ ​Ἦταν φανατικός καί ἀδιάλλακτος ἐναντίον τῶν Χριστιανῶν. Ὅπως ἦταν μικρός ὁ Ἀπ. Παῦλος.

Μία μέρα, λοιπόν, ἔτυχε νά περάση μέσα ἀπό ἕνα Χριστιανικό νεκροταφεῖο, μέ σταυρούς.​ ​Καί κοιτάξτε τώρα νά δῆτε τί οἰκονομεῖ ὁ Θεός! Τήν ὥρα, λοιπόν, πού περνοῦσε ἀπό ἐκεῖ ἕνα ἀνθρώπινο κρανίο ἦρθε καί μπλέχτηκε στά πόδια του. Δέν τό εἶδε. Σάστισε, λοιπόν. Φαίνεται ὅτι τό εἶχαν ξεθάψει ἐκεῖνες τίς μέρες καί τό εἶχαν ἀφήσει προσωρινά ἐκεῖ στά χόρτα μέσα. Εἶχε μάλιστα ἀκόμη, ἐπάνω του καί Continue reading “Ο κ. Εβραΐνωφ διηγείται την μεταστροφή τού πατέρα του από τόν Ιουδαϊσμό στην Ορθοδοξία”

Fr. Simeon de la Jara, Peru: On a righteous path from Peru to Mount Athos, Greece




Fr. Simeon de la Jara, Peru:

On a righteous path from Peru to Mount Athos, Greece

When Miguel Angel de la Jara Higgingson was seven, his mother had a vision. She sensed that her son would some day leave her for a “far away place, like an island, there where people of solitude lived who pray all the time and rarely step out into the world”. Even she, however, could probably not have imagined just how far from his native Peru, both physically and spiritually, his life’s search would take him.

Now he is Father Simeon the hermit, an Orthodox Christian monk of Eastern Orthodox Church who lives on Mount Athos, a self-administrating, all-male monastic community on the Athos peninsula – the eastern most of three jutting peninsulas in the northern Greek prefecture of Halkidiki in Greece.

However, it’s not just his Peruvian origins that make Father Simeon such a well-known figure among visitors to Mount Athos; it’s also his radiant presence as an artist, poet and painter that makes him so sought after, especially by the young.

His journey began in 1968, when at the age of 18 he left Peru to discover the world. After travelling through Europe and Asia for over two years – during which time he was exposed to eastern philosophies and religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism and yoga – he finally settled in Paris, where he lived for the next three years.

It was in Paris that he first met a GreekOrthodox monk and learned about Orthodoxy, a meeting that was to have a profound effect on him. For the next Continue reading “Fr. Simeon de la Jara, Peru: On a righteous path from Peru to Mount Athos, Greece”

Δύο Προτεστάντες καθηγητές του Πανεπιστημίου Harvard της Μασαχουσέτης των ΗΠΑ ζητούν να γίνουν Ορθόδοξοι



Δύο Προτεστάντες καθηγητές του Πανεπιστημίου Harvard

της Μασαχουσέτης των ΗΠΑ ζητούν να γίνουν Ορθόδοξοι

Ἄς ἀναγράψουμε ἐδῶ μιά περίπτωσι παρόμοια μ᾽ ἐκείνην τοῦ π. Βill Caldaroni· τήν προσέλευσι στήν Ὀρθοδοξία μέσῳ συγκρίσεων:

Ὁ Δρ. Χ. Γιαμβριᾶς, καθηγητής Ἀνωτάτης Γεωπονικῆς Σχολῆς Ἀθηνῶν, μέ ἐπιστολή του στό περ. Ἀκτίνες γράφει: Ὁ καθηγητής Βιοχημείας στό Harvard Χαράλ. Ἀντωνιάδης σέ ὁμιλία του στήν Ἀκαδημία Ἀθηνῶν «μᾶς εἶπε ὅτι πρό ὀλίγου καιροῦ τόν ἐπισκέφθηκαν δύο καθηγητές τοῦ Πανεπιστημίου Harvard, ὁ ἕνας τῆς Ψυχιατρικῆς καί ὁ ἄλλος τῆς Ἱστορίας καί τοῦ εἶπαν: “Κύριε Ἀντωνιάδη, θέλουμε νά γίνουμε μέλη τῆς Ὀρθοδόξου Ἐκκλησίας”. ῞Οταν τούς ρώτησε ὁ κ. Ἀντωνιάδης, τί εἶναι αὐτό πού τούς κάνει νά πάρουν μία τέτοια σοβαρή ἀπόφασι, τοῦ ἀπάντησαν, ὅτι ἐσεῖς στήν Ὀρθόδοξη Ἐκκλησία ἔχετε διατηρήσει ὅλη τήν παράδοσι τῆς πρώτης Χριστιανικῆς Ἐκκλησίας καί δέν ἔχετε νοθεύσει τό Χριστιανισμό. Μελετήσαμε, προτοῦ λάβουμε αὐτή τήν ἀπόφασι, ὅλες τίς Χριστιανικές Ἐκκλησίες καί καταλήξαμε σ᾽ αὐτό τό συμπέρασμα”. Καί ὁ καθηγητής Ἀντωνιάδης εἶπε, τελειώνοντας, ὅτι μέ αὐτό τό γενονός, θέλω νά σᾶς μεταφέρω τό μήνυμα ὅτι ἔχουμε ἐμεῖς οἱ ῞Ελληνες τό θησαυρό τῆς Ὀρθοδόξου παραδόσεως, γιά τόν ὁποῖο πρέπει νά αἰσθανώμασθε ὑπερήφανοι, συγχρόνως ὅμως καί ὑπεύθυνοι ἀπέναντι τῆς Ὀρθοδόξου πίστεώς μας. Νομίζω ὅτι περιττεύουν τά σχόλια σέ μιά τέτοια ὁμολογία πίστεως, ἀπό ἕνα κορυφαῖο καί διεθνῶς ἀναγνωρισμένο ῞Ελληνα ἐπιστήμονα».


Ἀρχιμ. Ἰωάννου Κωστώφ


Ἀπό τόν Προτεσταντισμό στην Ορθοδοξία

ἐκδ. Ἅγ. Ἰωάννης Δαμασκηνός (2108220542)

Ἀθήνα 2011



Native Americans and Orthodoxy – Frederica Mathewes-Green, USA



Native Americans and Orthodoxy

Frederica Mathewes-Green, USA

[Ancient Faith Radio; August 28, 2008]

Frederica Mathewes-Green: Here I am, I’m in Anchorage, Alaska. My first visit to Alaska, this completes my visiting fifty states. This is my fiftieth state, so it’s wonderful to be here at last. I am on the grounds of the Alaska Native Heritage Center, speaking to Steven Alvarez, who is- what is your role here at the center?

Steven Alvarez: I am Director of Strategic Initiatives and Media.

FMG: You were telling me you produce films sometimes for the center as well. And we were hearing the story of what brought you here, you said it was St. Herman that brought you. To begin with, your heritage goes back to New Mexico, your background is Apache. You were telling me that it’s connected with some of the peoples in Alaska, as well.

SA: Right. The Athabaskans up here share a common language (a common language base), and we’re pretty much the same people.

FMG: And, how in the world did you end up becoming Orthodox?

SA: I was part of San Jose Christian Fellowship that converted back in 1993. And I was the music director there at the church, and so that whole process brought us to Orthodoxy and…

FMG: You were swept up.

SA: Yeah, yeah.

FMG: Had you been a Christian all your life?

SA: I was raised Roman Catholic. So I had really no issues with the theology. I mean, I grew up with it. The only question that I kept asking was, once we become Orthodox, where does the band go? (laughs)

FMG: Because you were the percussionist in the worship band.

SA: I was the worship leader.

FMG: Oh, you were the worship leader.

SA: Yeah, and so we were chrismated and I was ordained a subdeacon that Continue reading “Native Americans and Orthodoxy – Frederica Mathewes-Green, USA”

After 87 years at the Smithsonian, bones of Alaska Natives returned and reburied



After 87 years at the Smithsonian,

bones of Alaska Natives returned and reburied





Anthropologists once excavated the graves of thousands of Native Americans. Now museums in the U.S. are slowly working to return those remains and funerary objects to tribes.

A village in southwest Alaska recently reburied 24 of their ancestors who had been excavated by a Smithsonian anthropologist in 1931.

About half of the village of Igiugig crowded into the Russian Orthodox Church in the center of town on a drizzly fall day. In the center of the nave sat three handmade, wooden coffins that held the bones from the now-abandoned settlement of Kaskanak.

The remains were unearthed by Aleš Hrdlička, who was the head of the anthropology department in what is now the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. The question of how people originally came to North America and from where drove Hrdlička to dig up the bones of Native Americans all around the United States. Historians estimate that he took thousands to Washington, D.C., for research.

After more than eight decades in the museum’s collection, Igiugig’s ancestors finally returned home for reburial.

Avery Lill