On how former Krishnaite Ananda Rupa became Olga again – Peter Davydov spoke with Olga Gagushicheva





Peter Davydov, Olga Gagushicheva





One day the following notice appeared on the door of the Krishnaite Ananda Rupa’s astrology office: “The office is closed because of my return to Orthodoxy. I sincerely wish you the same. May Christ save you. Olga.” This talk is about how Olga Gagushicheva, who had been baptized yet was absolutely unenlightened, became a Krishna worshipper and practicing astrologer, why she returned to her paternal home and Christ, and what came of it.

* * *

The days are evil (Eph. 5:15), or an unorthodox “Orthodox life”

—Olga, Did you know anything about Christ before completely falling into the grip of astrology and other spiritual delusions?

—When I was one year old, my parents wanted to have me baptized. According to my mother, on the appointed day the weather was sunny and dry, so the family decided to go and gather berries instead of going to church. During that berry-picking hike I fell seriously ill and the illness lasted three years. I learned this from my mother when I was sixteen. I naturally drew a conclusion that I must go and receive Baptism. You see, I was empty-headed. Many of my relatives joined me. And that was the end of my “Christian living”. Though I also got the “knowledge” of the Church and God in the Soviet school. It was a real mishmash. Of course, I was a Komsomol member. We were warned that in no case should we, Komsomol members, attend any church services on Pascha. But we were curious to see what would happen during the church service, all the more so because we were told: “It is not allowed!” So we forced our way through all the police cordons and Komsomol activists who were wearing their bands. On the following day we were summoned to our director of studies who gave us a good dressing-down and promised to expel all of us from school. Of course, he didn’t keep his promise. I don’t remember how my Baptism took place as it was not a result of my conscious decision. I did it “for no particular reason”. Later, when I got married, it was fashionable to marry in Church, so we did it as well… Our wedding ceremony was arranged for us in a village church near the city of Cherepovets which was opened especially for us. And afterwards we baptized our children. That was all. You see, it was our unorthodox “Orthodox life”.

A big thank you to the press

—How did you develop an interest in astrology? How was it manifested? When did it happen?

—During my school years. I think it was 1985 or 1986.

—The time when the “gates to the West” opened wide…

—Or yawned open, to be more precise.

—And when all those individuals appeared on TV.

—Yes! Now general secretaries were replaced with sorcerers, psychics and other “enlightened” individuals who were goggling their eyes and moving their hands on TV. And not only TV. The most popular magazines, such as Continue reading “On how former Krishnaite Ananda Rupa became Olga again – Peter Davydov spoke with Olga Gagushicheva”

Πως άρχισαν οι Ρώσοι να βαπτίζονται ομαδικά τον 9ο αιώνα από τους Βυζαντινούς ιερείς



Πως άρχισαν οι Ρώσοι να βαπτίζονται ομαδικά τον 9ο αιώνα

από τους Βυζαντινούς ιερείς

Ὁ ἀυτοκράτορας του Βυζαντίου Βασίλειος Α´ (867-886) προσπάθησε νά συνάψη φιλικές σχέσεις μέ τούς Ρώσους προσφέροντάς τους πολλά δῶρα, ἀλλά ταυτόχρονα ἔστειλε καί ἐκπροσώπους τῆς Ἐκκλησίας γιά νά τούς ἐκχριστιανίση. Ὅταν αὐτοί ἔφτασαν στή Ρωσία, ὁ βασιλιάς της τούς ὑποδέχτηκε μαζί μέ ἄλλους εὐγενεῖς καί πλῆθος λαοῦ. Οἱ ἀπεσταλμένοι ἀπ᾽ τό Βυζάντιο ἱερεῖς διάβασαν ἀπ᾽ τή Βίβλο διάφορα θαύματα, μεταξύ τῶν ὁποίων καί τό θαῦμα τῶν τριῶν παίδων πού δέν καίγονταν, ἄν καί βρίσκονταν μέσα στή γνωστή κάμινο. Τότε, οἱ δεισιδαίμονες Ρώσοι ἀπαίτησαν νά γίνη ἕνα παρόμοιο θαῦμα γιά νά πιστέψουν, ζήτησαν μάλιστα νά ρίξουν στή φωτιά τό Εὐαγγέλιο πού εἶχαν φέρει μαζί τους οἱ βυζαντινοί ἱερεῖς. Αὐτοί τότε, ἀφοῦ προσεύχηθηκαν, ἔριξαν τό Εὐαγγέλιο στή φωτιά καί, ἔπειτα ἀπό ὧρες, αὐτό βρέθηκε νά εἶναι ἀνέπαφο. Ἔτσι, οἱ Ρώσοι ἄρχισαν νά βαπτίζονται ὁμαδικά.

Met Bloom’s conversion from atheism to the Orthodox faith



Met Bloom’s conversion from atheism to the Orthodox faith

This week’s spiritual lesson: We concluded last week our long series of excerpts from the Diocesan conference by Metropolitan Anthony (Bloom) at Effingham, England, in May, 1983. It occurs to me it might be useful to continue the Metropolitan’s account of his conversion from atheism to the Orthodox faith:

…Then my leader explained to me that everyone who belonged to my group had reacted in exactly the same way, and if no one came we would all be put to shame because the priest had come and we would be disgraced if no one attended his talk. My leader was a wise man. He did not try to convince me that I should listen attentively to his words so that I might perhaps find truth in them: ‘Don’t listen,’ he said. ‘I don’t care, but sit and be a physical presence’. That much loyalty I was prepared to give to my youth organization and that much indifference I was prepared to offer to God and to his minister. So I sat through the lecture, but it was with increasing indignation and distaste. The man who spoke to us, as I discovered later, was a great man, but I was then not capable of perceiving his greatness. I saw only a vision of Christ and of Christianity that was profoundly repulsive to me. When the lecture was over I hurried home in order to check the truth of what he had been saying. I asked my mother whether she had a book of the Gospel, because I wanted to know Continue reading “Met Bloom’s conversion from atheism to the Orthodox faith”

July 24, 2014: A family of native inhabitants embraces Orthodoxy in Taiwan



July 26, 2014:

A family of native inhabitants embraces Orthodoxy in Taiwan

On July 26, 2014, the day before the Synaxis of the Holy Fathers of the first Six Ecumenical Councils, the rector of the Dependency of the Russian Orthodox Church in Taiwan, Priest Kirill Shkarbul, baptized five native Taiwanese people.

The baptism was performed in a mountain river near the settlement Wulai, not far from Taipei, reports Sedmitza.ru with reference to the News Service of the Dependency of the Russian Orthodox Church in Taiwan.

A family of four was baptized: the father of the family (Lin Jin Lang) was named John after St. John the Baptist; his wife (Cheng Zhi-Huang) was named Ruth; their two sons (Ling Yu-hui and Ling Yu Cheng) were named Victor, after the Holy Martyr Victor of Nicomedia, and Luke, after the Holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke. Also a woman (Wang Ling-chi) received baptism with the name Faith after the Holy Martyr Faith.

Before receiving the Holy Sacrament of Baptism, the Taiwanese people went through six months of preparation, attending catechism courses at the Dependency. Two of them had been sect members in the past, and three others were pagans. On hearing about Orthodoxy, they wished to get to know it better, and, finding the truth in Christ, expressed their desire to receive Holy Baptism. The sacrament was performed in Chinese.

By tradition, baptism at the Russian Church’s Dependency in Taiwan is performed in mountain rivers – in running water, sometimes in the ocean. Many Protestants and Roman Catholics note with considerable interest and respect that the Orthodox Church conducts sacraments in full accordance with the canons of the Ancient Church.





Korea: How a Nation Becomes Orthodox



Korea: How a Nation Becomes Orthodox

The Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church gathered yesterday under the chairmanship of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia at Moscow’s Danilov Monastery. Among the Synod’s work was the appointment of hierarchs for several vacant dioceses, according to the report published on the official site of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The hierarchs resolved to appoint His Eminence Archbishop Theophan of Kyzyl and Tuva as the ruling hierarch of the newly-established Korean Diocese of the Patriarchal Exarchate of Southeast Asia. He is the first bishop of the Orthodox Church worldwide of Korean ancestry.

The Exarchate was established on December 28, with four dioceses created within it on February 27: the Dioceses of Singapore, Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines-Vietnam.

Abp. Theophan is still overseeing the Kyzyl Diocese as its temporary administrator.


Alexei Ilarionovich Kim was born on January 19, 1976 on Sakhalin Island in the Sea of Okhotsk. He was baptized in May 1995 and began singing in church choirs.

On August 14, 1997 he was tonsured into monasticism as Theophan, in honor of St. Theophan the Confessor, the Bishop of Nicea. He was ordained as a hierodeacon three days later and as a hieromonk another two days later, serving in the Resurrection Cathedral in Yuzhno-Sakhalink. In 1998, he entered the Smolensk Seminary and was assigned as a priest of the Diocese of Abakan and Kyzyl in central Siberia.

He graduated from the seminary in 2000 and was assigned to serve a Russian-speaking community in the Republic of Korea. He was named as an honorary citizen of Seoul in May 2006. He was elevated to the rank of igumen in June 2006.

In 2010 and 2011 he continued his studies at the Moscow Theological Academy.

On October 6, 2011, he was elected by the Russian Holy Synod to rule the newly-established Diocese of Kyzyl and Tuva and was consecrated on October 30. He was consecrated by His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia and seven other bishops of the Russian Church and His Eminence Metropolitan Ambrose of Korea of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

He was elevated to the rank of archbishop on December 4, 2017.



How a Nation Becomes Orthodox


ケイリー=ヒロユキ・タガワ – 2015年11月に彼は正統派キリスト教の洗礼を受け – 3ビデオ Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa ╰⊰¸¸.•¨* Japanese



ケイリー=ヒロユキ・タガワ – 2015年11月に彼は正統派キリスト教の洗礼を受け – 3ビデオ Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa




Вьетнам, 2017: Находившаяся в коме вьетнамка приняла христианство после видения Божией Матери ╰⊰¸¸.•¨* Russian



Sunset in Halong Bay


Вьетнам, 2017: Находившаяся в коме вьетнамка

приняла христианство после видения Божией Матери

Отец Георгий Максимов:

Я писал ранее про вьетнамку, которая крестилась накануне Пасхи под влиянием Самой Богородицы. Теперь я получил ее собственный рассказ и фото, так что помещаю их здесь. ‘Меня зовут Нгуен Тхи Май Ань. Я живу и работаю в городе Вунгтау. Я была буддисткой, но однажды в моей жизни произошло невероятное событие. Около года назад я лежала в коме в больнице. В это время я увидела сияние, яркий свет, и прямо передо мной возникла Богородица Дева Мария. Она протянула мне бутыль с водой и дала мне пить. Как только я выпила воду, свет и Богородица исчезли, а утром следующего дня я внезапно вышла из комы после долгого забытия. Я выжила и через несколько дней стала молиться Господу и Богородице, просить их о скором выздоровлении. И я решила, что когда вернусь домой, то стану христианкой. И через несколько дней во сне мне опять было видение, что будет человек, который приведет меня в церковь, я буду есть там Хлеб и пить Святую Воду вместе со всеми и ходить вокруг храма. После того как я выписалась и вернулась домой меня пришел навестить мой друг Женя и принес мне икону Богородицы со Спасителем. Я была невероятно рада, потому что это был тот самый образ, который я видела во сне. Я была очень счастлива, я рассказала другу о том, что видела во сне, и он отвел меня в православную церковь где молятся русские в 5-м районе города Вунгтау, чтобы там я встретилась с Богородицей и Господом. Эта церковь стала местом, где я Крестилась и родилась во второй раз под покровом Пресвятой Богородицы и по Благодати Господа. И 17.04.2017 я приняла Крещение и стала православной. Я бесконечно счастлива! Благодарю Тебя, Господи и Тебя Богородица за мое “второе рождение” и дарование мне Источника Жизни!’
На фото она единственная сидящая, поскольку накануне крещения попала в аварию и сломала ногу. Но даже это не изменило ее решимости и она крестилась с именем Анна. Сейчас она активно участвует в жизни общины и читает на службах часть молитв на вьетнамском языке.

Fr-George Maximov